Sunday, July 7, 2013

Harder Than It Looks

WOW! This blogging is harder than it looks. Maybe it is because I am not used to doing it, but I find it funny that rarely am I at a loss for words until I start to write something for this new blog. I suddenly become a babbling idiot with fingers, white knuckled and frozen in fear over the keyboard, even though an hour ago I had all kinds of great ideas for it. I'll need to work on my way of doing this and maybe write down those great ideas when they come to me. Maybe this is why I am a painter and not an author.

Anyway, I just finished a small Grand Canyon piece and have a few words to say about it on my Painting Techniques page, you can see on this blog. This painting is similar to my last and even the same size. You will see and read what I am talking about. Fortunately one of my best collectors purchased this painting and is waiting for it to get dry enough to put a light coat of varnish on and ship to him. Thank you Peter.

                                                        "Sunset Near Powell Point"
                                                           18"x24" Oil on Canvas

Another thing I will write about and give some short basic information on is limited palettes and some of my practical thoughts for their use. I would not attempt to out do the extremely fine and informative article by James Gurney James Gurney's Blog has some outstanding information on just about anything one would like to know about art and painting and done in an entertaining and interesting way. It is one of my top recommendations whether you are a beginner still trying to figure out which end of the brush works best, or an experienced gallery and museum quality painter. It's good stuff!

So now, it is past time that I should be at my easel doing my best to figure out what the heck am I doing.