"I Dream Of Jenya"
                                                              Oil on Dibond panel
                                                                  Not For Sale
 This is the finished painting I wrote about on the Home page of this blog. It is from a photograph of         Eugenia Diordiychuk by photographer Pasha Lisov . It was painted by me using Mr. Lisov's photograph as listed on both the front and back of the painting permanently. I only take credit for my painting of this photo done for a friend and not for sale. I will do original work on commission, but using my own original materials.
John Cox

"French Bread"
14"x 9"
On Oil primed and prepared panel

                                                                         " Reverie"
                                                                         12x18 oil
                                                           Available through my studio

                                                                           18x12 oil
                                                             Available through my  studio

                                                                          " The Traveler"
                                                                              12x18 oil
                                                                 Available through my studio


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