Sunday, October 13, 2013

Small Treasures
Well, I have been missing in action on this blog lately. A couple of personal issues, and painting, mixed with procrastination of typing. A lot of that, in fact. Hey, I'm a painter not a writer. So finally, here goes the latest installment.

Recently, I became aware of a number of known artists selling small drawing and paintings for very reasonable prices. The reason for the price reduction is the gallery commission is not added in and the works are unframed. The actual artists cost and labor is not reduced other than the framing.

With gallery closings leaving me, like others in search of new galleries to represent us and new ways of marketing our work, I decided this is not a bad idea. Then there is the issue of my own situation of not being able to get out in the mountains or desert anymore to do plein aire landscapes and having to do my work mostly in the studio using models and still life set ups became one more mark on the plus side. It is a win/win situation. I work in the studio, painting what and how I want and it gives friends, past clients and collectors as well as potentially new clients a chance to acquire a piece of my work at a very reasonable price.

This initial "roll out" will not be the last. I plan on making this a regular offering both here and on my website . Each month I plan on having another group of new paintings to add in the "My Store" section of my website.

As most who know me or my work and the work presented here, I am a versatile artist. I believe an artists need a strong drawing foundation and to go along with that able to see shapes and proportions and put them down on paper or canvas. What this does is allow one to draw anything they can see. Now obviously if someone is not familiar with some object, they may not paint it as well, but once the do understand what they are seeing, they are likely to be able to do it as well as their other subjects. Understanding the subject is part of the craft and the learning process.

For me this has allowed me to paint all the things I enjoy  and hopefully convey to you the viewer and collectors what I see and feel and we all make a connection in that way. I hope you enjoy this new and ongoing project of mine. If there is something you would like and don't see it here or on my site, contact me and let's talk about it. I can probably help you with what you need.

The sizes are below each painting. The commission and cost of frame have been subtracted, but because of the rules of use, the actually price is on my website. Sorry about that, but I want to follow the rules I agreed to.

 Grand Canyon Morning
6"x8" Oil on panel

Incoming Tide- Big Sur
6"x8" oil on panel
White Rose
8"x6" Oil on panel
Full Bloom and New Bloom
6"x8" Oil on panel

 Staghorn Cactus Blossom
6"x8" oil on panel

A Tasty Snack
6"x8" oil on panel
8"x6" Oil on panel

6"x10" Oil on panel
Calla Lily
8"x10 Oil on linen panel
8"x10" Oil on linen, panel
Cactus Blossoms
8"x12" oil on panel

Woodland Falls
8"x 12" Oil on panel

Loose Flowers
8"x14" Oil on stretched linen 

Flowered Branch
8"x12" Oil on panel

French Bread
9"x14" Oil on panel

Canyon Lake Pillar
9"x 12" Oil on panel
Oriental Bowl
16"x12" Oil on stretched linen

Now, some of you will see that some of these are already posted else where on this blog, but I am including them in this first offering of Small Treasures.  Take all you want, I'll make more. Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy them