Wednesday, March 9, 2016

 Changes Redux

Finally! I am settled here in Texas, and painting again. The downtime was very frustrating for me as I am the type of person who approaches my art the way most people approach a job. It is a “job” that I love, but a job in the sense that I am always doing something to produce new paintings. So not being able to prepare canvases or gather new subject material during my relocation was very frustrating and stressful.

One thing you will notice is my subject matter is different in many cases. I am still doing landscapes, but they are smaller pieces and in a secondary position, so to speak. The change is the result of, and reason for my move as health issues have limited my ability to get out in the desert, mountains and such to paint and photograph fresh material and the inspiration for new paintings. Here in the Texas Hill country, there are many rural farm to market roads which provide me with great scenes to paint, and all right off the side of the road or at least with easy access for me. Since I won't be doing big canvas panoramas anymore, this works very well for smaller more intimate landscapes. But as I said, they will be taking a backseat to my studio work.

In the studio I can set up still lifes, hire and pose models. You will be seeing more florals, still lifes, and figurative These first postings are only a few of what I have completed, but I will be photographing more paintings as I finish them. There is much more on the easel, so stay tuned.

One last comment, I have a “blog” on, John Cox Fine Art. It is primarily art that I personally like. Some old some new. It also has some of my own paintings starting today. (March 9, 2016) There is also an online gallery handling my figurative work on Tumblr, Wilson Art Sales. Is where to find them.

And now that I have finished babbling, here is my new work. I hope you enjoy it.

"Multi Colored Roses" 12"x9" oil on panel  AVAILABLE

"Down At The Pond"   12"x16" Oil on panel    AVAILABLE

"Last Days Of Summer"  12"x8"  Oil on panel   AVAILABLE

"Sunny Days"  12x16 Oil on panel  AVAILABLE