Friday, August 2, 2013

 August 2,2013
 It has a busy day slaving over a hot blog today. Not only did I post some new miniature paintings in the Still life and Landscape pages, I finally got my first WIP, "How I Do What I Do", on the painting techniques page. With the distractions and dealing with some unexpected items of real life outside the studio, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find time to do the text to go with the photo that have been ready for almost two weeks! I hope you find some interesting information that may help you in your own paintings.

Along with the miniature paintings I posted and there will be more coming each week, on average. I say it that way as there will be times when I am working all week on a large painting, or have responsibilities away from the studio. Being sort of a one man band, can  over load a person at times.

Back to what I wanted to say about the miniatures I was speaking about posting today. These are all gallery quality, but of subjects unlike what I show at Biltmore Galleries, here in Scottsdale and Hayden Hays in Colorado Springs. The subject matter will be still life's, floral's, a few small landscapes and seascapes. There is likely to be a figurative piece soon also, since I am beginning to paint more of these. What you may find interesting is I am taking a page from a few other known artists who are selling oil studies at an  affordable price that most people can afford when they can't afford a major gallery piece by these artists. The difference in what I am doing is painting finished, gallery quality originals and offering them at a price less the gallery commissions and the cost of a frame. By offering these unframed drops the price even more.  The paintings can be seen here and in the "Store" on my website,

As a teaser here is a couple without going to the still life and landscape page. Hopefully you will though.

                                                                      Oil on Panel

                                                                   "A Tasty Snack"
                                                                    Oil On Panel
I enjoy painting these miniatures and feel they are a way to not only fulfill my creative needs with things I can set up and paint here in the studio now that I am pretty much a studio painter now and expand into some new markets and introduce myself to new collectors. I really hope you like this opportunity.

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