Monday, June 19, 2017

               Day Five of Seven new posts in a Row

This recent piece is an 8"x16" oil on an oil primed RayMar canvas panel. It is a piece that is part a real scene and some imagination on my part. It is based on a reference I gathered while still living in Arizona.That is the reality part. My imagination was used to make the scene more generic and somewhat common scene found in the western U.S. and could be in any state from Arizona or New Mexico in the southwest or Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho or any northwestern states. It could also be in parts of Texas.

The original reference was photographed in Arizona, as I said, about 6 years ago, if memory serves, but I ran across the photo in one of my photo reference albums a few weeks ago and used it to make this painting. I hope you like it.

                    "A Break In The Clouds"   8"x16" oil on panel Available through my studio

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