Wednesday, June 14, 2017

   Day Two and Another Post

Well, so far so good on my goal of posting a new piece every day for a week, even if late in the day. This painting is a scene not far west of New Braunfels, Texas, I finished recently. It is an oil on a 16"x20" RayMar oil primed panel. I thought I should say something about these panels I use. I order them from RayMar in Phoenix, Arizona. They are very well made. RayMar has a whole line of panels using cotton mounted on them as well as several grades of Claussens linen. I use a smooth portrait grade cotton that I prime over the acrylic primer. I do this myself using Gamblin's oil foundation oil. I allow it to dry thoroughly, usually about two full weeks now that it is summer. I then hand sand it, still leaving some of the cotton weave showing. This gives me a smooth, but varied surface with a nice "tooth" to paint on. I have come to like this very much and it saves a lot of time from prepping Dibond panels that I used previously. These panels weight half or less than the Dibond. This is a huge help when painting in plein air. It also costs much less doing it this way.

I keep a selection of sizes primed and sanded, so I have what I need when ready to paint. So, that said here is "Herefords and Oak Trees."

 "Herefords And Oak Trees" 16"x20" Oil on panel   $2600  Available through my studio and contacting me here.

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