Friday, June 16, 2017

                                     Day Four Painting

This one, I just put the finishing touches on this morning, so I went ahead and took it's picture and decided to post it instead of the one I had planned to post today. Originally this began life as an 8"x10" plein air piece I did not get to finish due to the lighting changing to fast and getting to dark to see my colors correctly. Consequently, it was never finished, but every time I went looking through plein air pieces and photos the scene kept catching my eye. So earlier this week I decided to paint it in the studio using the unfinished piece and the photo I took when I set up to paint it in the field. I also decided to enlarge it to a 16"x20". Bottom line this is a brand new, still wet painting, but from a now, year old unfinished sketch and photo. I hope you like it.

    "Afternoon Shadows" 16"x20" oil on panel Available from my studio. Contact here or Facebook

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